Calaguas, no 1 in the Philippines and the best beach tour experience

Calaguas Island won first place in among 170 beaches in the country as surveyed by isla lipana. calaguas island top  1in Philippine Gem and since then, the island become more and more famous as best beach in the country.  it was became famous first among the bagpackers until it became known to all. In year 2013, calaguas visited by 10 thousand local tourist in the country and in 2014 it was doubled and reached more than 20 thousand.

last year 2014, DOST allocated 21 million pesos for the construction of port in the island to cater more local tourist. it is expected that the port will be finished this year and will extend its market to the world since it is starting to become well known also internationally as the best beach in the world. for booking click HERE