The best time to go to Calaguas Island



  1. Ideally, try to get here during weekdays

Calaguas’ untainted beaches are much better crowd-less as well as devoid of docked sailing boats blocking your view. To fully appreciate this breath-taking coastline, it’s most ideal to book on a weekday to stay away from the bunches of weekend break tourists that will quickly fill up the island and also make it appear like a congested Boracay or Puerto Galera. One more choice would certainly be to intend your journey from Friday to Sunday, that way you still reach appreciate the feeling of having the island all to yourself on Friday afternoon.

Pointer: For those taking a bus from Manila, be sure to schedule a bus with sufficient legroom for a great evening’s rest going to Daet, where both main ports causing Calaguas are located. Bus fares opt for regarding PHP 400 (non-aircon) to PHP 850-1000 (La-Z-Boy design seats.) From Daet, you’ll take a 15-minute jeepney flight to either Vinzons or Paracale port after that take a two-hour boat flight to Calaguas. When you jump on the watercraft …



  1. Expect some waves during the month of November to December but don’t worry coast guar won’t let you go there if the whether is not passable!

The path to Calaguas consists of crossing a section of the Pacific ocean, which causes choppy and untamed waves that’ll leave you saturated as well as praying for your life! Our tourist guide just weren’t kidding when they warned us to prepare to get damp. They packed our belongings in plastic bags as well as ushered us into a small boat that were nearly as big as the waves that strongly shook our watercraft from side to side; my pals and I were frightened as hell. We did make it to the island active though (thank God!) and I make sure you will certainly to. And now that you’re here …



  1. Take pleasure in! Bring a big size of memory for your camera cause almost all the time every place you go is perfect for photo ops

Calaguas shows off crystal-clear turquoise waters as well as soft, grainy white sands that can conveniently measure up to that or Boracay or Palawan’s. The coastline prolongs right into a stunning slope from bright aquamarine to the deepest blue as the coast stretches into the perspective, biding you to swim– it’s so difficult not to love this enchanting island! My close friends as well as I maximized the jaw-dropping landscapes as well as took selfies as well as group images on the sand, in the water, as well as against the golden sunlight. It would certainly be hard not to!


Sundown sessions at the beach! So good to really chat with my pals compared with everyone being on their phones!


  1. Get ready to detach

There is absolutely no cellular signal in Calaguas, conserve for some spots at the top of hills you might run into during your trek, so be prepared to leave mobile communication and the net (farewell, Instagram!) behind totally when you set foot on the island. I personally assume this is what makes a trip to Calaguas so refreshing; you are compelled to detach with the world as well as instead draw your focus on the company you have, and also all the appeal around you. Much better make one of the most out of it!


  1. Get used at no electricity and signal

This virgin island has actually been named so as it is lacking any type of business facilities, modern-day comforts, and power– not a solitary restaurant, store, shower, or flush-function commode (!) visible. With that being claimed, don’t expect a high-end get-away in Calaguas. We needed to fetch each container of water from a deep well for every shower and trip to the bathroom, rest in an outdoor tents on the sand, as well as wait til nighttime when the power generators were on to charge our phones (which we didn’t mind, as we didn’t have much for our phones apart from taking photos.) With the general public bathrooms being so confined as well as dark, we found it more convenient to shower outdoors in our swimsuits right next to the poso. (Do not panic! Every person does it.) The very best part about roughing it? Going to sleep and getting up to the sound of the waves collapsing on the shore.


Idea: Bring your very own sleeping bag for a more comfy evening’s rest, as well as flashlights to assist you find your method after lights out. Our travel bureau gave our outdoors tents for us, however if you intend to DIY your journey, be sure to bring your own outdoor tents, food, and also cooking products. There’s no power on the island in the daytime, but electrical generators are switched on in the evening for lights as well as billing of gadgets. As well as surprise! No mosquitoes where we stayed.;-RRB-.

  1. Join the activities

Regardless of Calaguas being relatively little, there’s much to do in the island. We quickly filed out our three-day journey with expeditions to hills at either ends of the island, where we were welcomed with sweeping views of the opposite sides of the island port on one side, and also the gorgeous beach on the other, with an expanse of environment-friendly areas in between. We additionally went cliff diving at a neighboring island, as well as kayaked to our hearts’ web content along the shoreline. You can also attempt snorkeling at table-top coral reef which is a brief boat trip from Calaguas, or one of the most favored task of our group: pushing the coastline, refining our tan.


calaguas island pic

  1. Dispose of your trash sensibly!


Seeing an only container of coke floating in the middle of the sea on our boat trip back to Daet totally broke my heart. Who would be inconsiderate sufficient to carelessly litter in the sea?! Please be liable enough to bring your own garbage linings as well as dispose of your waste correctly during your journey, and not to leave your waste on the beach, or toss it in the water. Calaguas is such an attractive island, it is our obligation to maintain it that way.


  1. Can not DIY your trip? Get the services of the team that will provide you one of the most comfortable and also pleasurable journey possible. Best Calaguas Tour


My close friends and I couldn’t be bothered to determine the technicalities of planning a Do It Yourself trip to Calaguas. None people in our group understood the least aspect of setting up a tent, or food preparation without a stove. Our journey would certainly ‘ve  been a total MESS if it just weren’t for the extremely good and also friendly team of Sir Noli. They were the outright best! Food preparation the very yummy dishes for our morning meal, lunch and dinner, showing us around the island, keeping our plan in check, and tirelessly taking our group shots! Their group also made our all-girl team feel very risk-free during our journey.


For a fuss-free trip to Calaguas, I highly suggest reserving with  The less outdoors-y people wouldn’t need to stress over details like establishing camp, packing meals to prepare, searching for a place to establish camp, and so on because their group will certainly arrange important out for you, leaving you to kick back and also enjoy your journey. Our bundle consisted of watercraft transfers to and from Calaguas, environmental costs, 3 days’ worth of dishes, endless use of kayaks, cost-free usage of camping tents, and various other tasks like travelling, snorkeling as well as island hopping, all for only PHP 3,500. Super sulit if you ask me! Here’s their Facebook page if you’re interested:


My good friends and I left Calaguas with a fresh stock of fun memories. It was so hard to leave the little spot of heaven we have actually discovered! I am nevertheless thankful for such an enjoyable and improving journey, and for having actually obtained the possibility to recharge as well as escape the stresses of the day-to-day work. Calaguas is such a treasure, an endearingly lovely area that will certainly challenge you to desert creature comforts as well as take it in its entire rustic, isolated natural beauty. Hope my friends’ and also my experience provided you a concept on just what to anticipate, as well as ways to make the most out of your Calaguas journey, need to you intend on going.

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